Protein Tea

protein tea

Okay folks it’s time to get real, I don’t know if Protein Tea really counts as a recipe.

I have somehow turned a two-step process (make tea, add protein) into five steps.

This is something my mom has done for quite a while to try to get more protein into her daily routine without adding even more bacon.

In a nutshell, make your favorite tea and add a scoop of your preferred protein powder.

I add my protein powder after I let the tea cool for 5 minutes, as we know that protein can denature in heat. I use a tub of collagen that my mother left here when I moved in for grad school, which apparently begins to show thermal changes at 302 degrees Fahrenheit (150 C) and undergoes the first stage of denaturation at 572 degrees Fahrenheit (300 C). I skimmed this article to find this out, thanks for publishing this, Bozec, L. and Odlyha, M. (2011)!

My tea is probably not that hot, but I never miss a chance to use the word “denature.”

Basically, you get to drink a delightful tea and get some extra protein! This might be a good option for your loved one who can’t have a traditional protein shake due to the thickness.

Protein Tea

Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time5 mins
Course: Drinks
Keyword: thin


  • 1 teabag your preferred tea
  • 1 teaspoon protein powder or 1 scoop
  • Hot water


  • Heat up the water in your preferred way
  • Steep your teabag for the recommended time
  • Stir in one teaspoon or one serving size of your preferred protein powder
  • Doctor up your tea however you like it
  • Enjoy!

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