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About Us

We are motivated to help people with dysphagia

A dysphagia diagnosis often leads to feelings of confusion, sadness, and worry. It’s important to follow diet modifications to maintain the health and safety of people with dysphagia. When most people think of diet modifications, they think of yogurt, smoothies, and blended meat. We’re here to tell you that’s not the case! You can eat a wide variety of delicious foods, while still following the IDDSI standards.

Unfamiliar with IDDSI? Find more information here or visit our Get Started page for a quick overview.


Who We Are

We are speech pathologists who aspire to provide information about delicious, modified diets. 

Speech pathologists are competent in many areas including: language, swallowing, speech, voice, cognition, and fluency. 

We have experience in many settings and have both worked with dysphagia patients as clients. While we are licensed speech pathologists, we are not your speech pathologist. When treating dysphagia, always consult with your provider before making any changes to your plan of care. See our disclaimer here.

Smooth Refried Beans

Our Team

Sara and Louisa met in grad school at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. They were placed in the same clinical rotation and bonded over their Midwest roots. When a speaker from IDDSI visited their dysphagia course, they had the brilliant idea to publish a cookbook with recipes that fit the IDDSI standards. Unfortunately, grad school is hard y’all and their plans took a back seat to coursework and survival. 

When quarantine struck, Sara and Louisa realized they could increase accessibility to this important and life-changing information by creating a food blog instead of a published cookbook. They are so excited to share their passion with you through Real Meals Modified!

About Us

Sara Mohr


Sara currently works PRN at an inpatient rehabilitation center. She sees clients with dysphagia, cognitive deficits, and communication impairments every day. Sara is passionate about innovating in the field of speech pathology and she loves laying down. Sara was accepted to present at last year's (COVID-cancelled) ASHA convention for her previous invention The Test Tester.

Louisa Williams

Louisa Williams


Louisa currently works full-time in an elementary school and recently took a PRN position at a Skilled Nursing Facility. Louisa works with kids with language disorders in the school and enjoys her elderly patients in the SNF. She is passionate about cooking and thinks purees often look nasty and that she can do better. Louisa also likes quarantine walks and making a big mess.

Interested? Look At Our Recipes

We have recipes that fit all IDDSI levels!