Real Food for Modified Texture Diets

Real Meals

Meals that we would cook for ourselves and our loved ones


Fits your dysphagia needs and follows IDDSI standards

Qualify of Life

You deserve food that looks good and tastes good

Our Most Popular Dysphagia Recipes

Level 4: Puree / Extremely Thick

Usually eaten with a spoon, cohesive

Level 5: Minced & Moist

Tiny pieces covered with a thick, non-dripping sauce

Level 6: Soft & Bite Sized

Tender bites, easily mashed with a fork or tongue

New to a modified diet?

Looking for something besides yogurt?

Starting off with a modified diet can be overwhelming. Your doctor or speech therapist prescribed a modified diet, and you have no idea where to start. We’re here to help!

This blog follows the IDDSI standards which help manage dysphagia diets. IDDSI has seven levels that regulate testing methods for both liquids and solids. Our IDDSI recipes are separated into these seven levels to make searching for the perfect recipe easy!

We will provide you with recipes, instructions, and tips/tricks for living with a modified diet!